Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Money buys stars, but Teams win championships

There's the adage that a champion team can beat a team of champions any day. This much is true for the Rajasthan Royals. They were the cheapest team in the IPL. The franchise itself was purchased for the least amount of money, ($67 million, compared to the $111.9 million payed for the Mumbai franchise), and then when it came to buying players, the Royals spent so little, they were fined for not spending enough!

No one gave them a chance, but now they find themselves at the top of the table, and worthy leaders. They have been a team that has played consistently well, sometimes with a bit of fortune, but always with a winning attitude. They have had but a few stand out performances, and mostly all round team performances. The true hallmarks of a championship team.

Before the competition started, my money was on the Knight Riders - partly because of their strong line-up, but also because of their awesomely ridiculous name. Now, I'm all for Warnie and Royals to take it home.


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