Monday, 2 June 2008

MacGill throws it all in - but it's a long hop and it's quickly smashed to the boundary for four

So after years upon years of living in the shadow of the greatest leg spinner in Australian (and Test history), arguably Australia's second greatest leg spinner Stuart MacGill has decided to retire. It seems like a rash decision, but at the same time it made me think it was very in keeping with the kind of personality MacGill has given off during his career.

He's always come across as a bit of a hot-head, or to be more specific very hot and cold. He was a great bowler who could turn the ball at near right angles, and was at times unplayable. Unfortunately at the same time he could bowl long hops and full tosses that would make Michael Bevan blush. When things didn't go his way, like an appeal turned down, he would get very fired up - like a guy frustrated that it wasn't all turning out the way he wanted it to.

And I suppose that has in many ways typified his career. It never quite went according to plan. He would've had an amazing career at literally any other time in Australian cricket history - he just had to pick the Shane Warne era. I can't even say I will particularly miss him because he never really had a chance to get much of a foothold, in the team or in the fans hearts and minds. Now was his time, but for him, it had already passed.

The saddest part of it all is, Beau Casson is next in line. Dear god.


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westius said...

Agree with all that. I was a big MacGill fan, but he has really not done anything since Warnie retired.

So who to next? Perhaps it's time to dust off those left-arm tweakers Nick...