Friday, 23 May 2008

The Kat is back!

The career of Simon Katich has been, in my opinion, a strange one. He's struggled to find his place after showing promise early but being struck with chronic fatigue or something held him back. Till now he's had what I think is a one day career longer than he rightly should have, and a test career shorter than he deserves. Well now it seems he will get a temporary reprieve as he is playing in the first test against the Windies, replacing Hayden.

Unfortunately it seems he's already batted and only got 12. So the resurrection of the Kat's international career may be brief.



westius said...

It's fair to say that the Kat could be one of our patrons, he is loved that much here at HTB. He got sick when he was about to make his debut and had to wait, then played very very well in a couple of series against India, but had a pretty ordinary Ashes and was dropped because we just HAD to have a Flintoff-equivalent in Symonds.

Symonds has done well, no doubt, but given as many opportunities as Symonds got, I reckon the Kat would have over 3000 test runs.

The only player unluckier than the Kat is Hodge, dropped 2 tests after a double century averaging 58. Did he do something to someone? I heard rumours he wasn't liked, but rumours are rumours.

Oh, there is one unluckier player. Jason Gillespie, dropped immediately after a double ton!

Nick Scott said...

At least for both Katich and Hodge they're clearly earmarked as "next in line" - and they have a decent chance finding a spot as the line up isn't anywhere near as solid as it used to be.

I'd say they just need to keep on scoring runs but I think the Kat has put more than enough together. He just has to wait, (and not stuff up when he gets the chance).

Either that or look to ankle tap other players during training as much as possible...