Thursday, 8 March 2007

Matthew Hayden - Australia's Greatest Cricketer?

Well, of course the answer is no, but when you consider the fact that in the past decade of dominance from the Australian cricket team, the records that are likely to stand the test of time will be the highest individual test score and one day score which happen to both be held by Matthew Hayden. It was fitting at one point that the Don held the highest test score, but now Haydos has that, albeit against Zimbabwe, so it hardly counts but it's there in the record books now, and may be some time before that gets beaten. Now he holds the highest one day score. Does it make him the best Australian all round batsman? No. But it does show that he is a big innings player.


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westius said...

And now he holds the record for the fast world cup 100 - off 66 balls - against the number ranked team in south africa no less.