Thursday, 8 March 2007

Can Watson do a Symonds?

Last World Cup, Andrew Symonds was a bit of a dodgy selection - we've always had a place for an all rounder in our World Cup squad, no matter how dodgy they actually were as all rounders (like Tom Moody and Brendan Julian), and Symonds seemed like another one of them. He was only really put into the team because Shane Watson who looked like a potential genuine all rounder got injured just before the 2003 World Cup. Symonds of course went on to completely dominate the game and firmly establish himself as an invaluable member of the Australian team. Now however the situation is reversed, Symonds is injured and Watto is going to have to step up. Can he do it? I was a knocker at first, but I think he has potential. He genuinely can bat and can bowl, it's just a matter of him putting it all together. He takes wickets with the ball, he's decently economical, and when he opens he's put up the runs. He's not a big striker like Symonds, despite his size, he's more of a run accumulator, and to be honest he's definitely more of a bowling allrounder versus Symonds being a batting allrounder. My opinion, it would be great if lightning struck twice and we suddenly find ourselves with a world class allrounder all over again, but even if we don't, he's good enough.


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