Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Sentimental Hero of the Cup

So the preliminary games have started. Australia has stumbled loosing 5 games in a row (I'm sure we'll blog on this soon....).

But the most important news is of course that all-time crowd pleasers Bermuda are playing, and playing well (well, not that well, Ireland and the Bangers did much better in their warm up games.)

But the do boast this man, Dwayne Leverock - the sentimental, heavy-set hero of the cup.

At 19-stone, he'd have to be one of the heaviest men to play international cricket - and he's not a bad bowler actually, having taken 2 for 30 something off his 10 overs against England, including Kevin Pietersen's wicket.

The funny thing is he stripped off 14 kilo for the tournament! Go Dwayne!


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