Thursday, 8 March 2007

Bermuda is everyone's bitch

I'm all for the associate nations having a go at the World Cup, but let's face it there really are only 9 teams that can play competitive cricket, and I update that from 8 because the Bangers have beaten Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka now so I'm convinced. The Zimbabweans are minnows once more, not that they really were much more than "super minnows" at best, and the Kenyans try hard but they just don't play enough cricket to really be a chance.

Each World Cup I like to see the associate nations play because I'm curious as to how badly they have their arse handed to them, or because I'm hoping that they might topple one of the giants. The Bangers did it against the Pakis two World Cups ago, and Kenya did it against Sri Lanka at the last World Cup.

My pick for the team that is going to have their arse pounded in the most cruel and unusual way is Bermuda. In the World Cricket League where it was just associates, they got smashed there too - what chance do they have against the big boys? Admittedly the Netherlands seem to enjoy a good shellacking, as evidenced by their world record performance against the Lankans last year where they conceeded 443, but my pick are the boys from Bermuda getting annihilated by the Lankans in Game 4. 443 wasn't enough for Sir Lanka, they want to crack the 450.


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