Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My cabbie tells me....

Late last night I hopped into a minicab and started having a chat to the driver. He told me that 2 IPL captains and one umpire had been found guilty of match fixing over the weekend. Having been away, I hadn't heard anything about this, and this morning's frantic Internet search has not come up with any results. Does anyone know anything about this? Is Handled the Ball breaking a big story here, and does my London cabbie have some inside knowledge? I need to know more!


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Nick Scott said...

Your cabbie was smoking crack. The controversy he's referring to that involved two captains and an umpire had nothing to do with match fixing. In the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals game, Ganguly (captain of Kolkata) disputed an umpires decision over a catch and demanded it go to the third umpire where he was given not out.

Ganguly was found guilty of violating the code of conduct for making the demand, Warnie (captain of Rajasthan) was found guilty of violating another code of conduct for complaining about it at the post-match press conference, and Pratap Kumar, the umpire got suspended for doing what Ganguly asked. Idiot.

Far less interesting I'm afraid: