Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Mighty Windies?

With Australia's upcoming tour of the Windies, I couldn't help but think - does anyone think the West Indies really have any chance of wining here? Does anyone even remotely think they're going to be competitive?

Even without all the star players that made up Australia's dominant team, I don't think there's much doubt we're going to run through them. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Who do they even have left in their team anymore?

Lara plays in the ICL, Chris Gayle plays well only when he can be bothered, which isn't often enough and what ever happened to the feared fast bowling attack of old?

The Windies haven't actually officially named their squad yet - I think they're still driving the pickup truck around the Caribbean with the sign "Hop in the back if you want to play a game of cricket" on it.


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westius said...

Not Marlon Samuels. He's just been found guilty of bookie links.

Bugger, I liked him. Hope there's more to it.