Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Hallowed Baggy VB

A lot of people have gotten very worked up about the fact that the Australian cricket team played a tour match against a Jamaican Select XI wearing caps featuring their sponsor VB rather than their traditional baggy green caps. The traditionalists, the ones I'm sure have already claimed that one day cricket and Twenty20 cricket will be the death of the game, got stuck into the Australians for their disrespect.

Well, it turns out it was actually all Brad Haddin's fault, because he hasn't played a test match yet, he doesn't actually possess a baggy green, therefore he would have to wear a broad brimmed white hat, which as we all know looks pretty naff, especially when you're the wicket keeper. The team management had decided that in a show of support, they would all wear the VB sponsored baseball caps.


They quickly changed back the next day to shut everyone up.

I think the first clue should've been the fact they were playing a "Jamaican Select XI", "Select XI"?? Doesn't Jamaica just have a team of it's own? Sounds like the pickup truck scenario I mentioned before, either that or maybe it was the first eleven locals who came to the ground that day. That said, I wonder if eleven people actual did turn up to the ground to watch this.

I guess what surprises me more is that everyone got so upset that the Aussies were wearing the VB caps, but they didn't say anything about the fact Symmo was wearing thongs and stubbies - that's what you wearing when you're just playing a bit of backyard cricket, right?


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westius said...

I kinda like the idea of the Baggy Green being only for Test matches, so this doesn't bother me, especially since they were playing the "Select XI".

By the way, now we are playing in green in the ODIs, do we have a "baggy green" for ODIs? I know we had special ODI caps with numbers on them signifying that the wearer is the n'th player to play for Aus, but it was yellow. What's the new one like? And what about Twenty20?