Wednesday, 4 April 2007

What is wrong with Watto???

Anyone else out there a bit sick of Shane Watson getting injured? We gave him a pretty good run here at Handled the Ball, and hoped beyond our deeper instincts that he would become the genuine world class allrounder that he could be - not necessarily a world beater, just a good cog in the wheel for Australia.

But he's broken down again!! The guy is 25 and seemingly has been injured more often than he's been fit. I know I shouldn't be criticising poor Watto from behind my computer screen whilst he's out there fighting for Australia, especially since I myself have succumbed to injuries brought about by my work place - well by bad ergonomics - but still.... Perhaps we should fly Andy Bichel, the never injured, always honest, big hitting and big hearted bowler over to replace Watson?


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