Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Southern Hemisphere Twenty20 Competition

I'm excited about the prospect of a southern hemisphere domestic Twenty20 competition featuring franchise teams from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Makes a lot of sense to me commercially, in many way it's replicating the Super 14 rugby notion of combining the three small to medium sized markets into one mega market. What surprises me a bit is the announcement itself, and how they're earmarking all of this to happen in 2011. Seems like a long way away.

I suppose that seems prudent, giving yourself ample opportunity to setup the competition, but when you consider the IPL was announced in September 2007, and the first ball was bowled in April 2008 - I can't help but wonder, how long does it really take to put one of these things together?

For me, I'm totally sold on the idea, I think it will be great. I just wish it would happen sooner.


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