Monday, 20 October 2008

Sheffield Shield Player to Watch: Younis Khan

I am all for international players being a part of our domestic competition, but I think it's strangely random that of all people Younis Khan should be playing for South Australia. 

They desperately need someone with his skill (or even just skill full stop) to help them actually win games. I wonder how on earth it came to be that Younis got into the picture. Does he have family there? Is there something about South Australia that appeals to a Pakistani? (I assume it's not the wine).

 I hope this the start of a trend towards more of this. I'd love to see some promising Kenyans and Bangladeshi's get a go as well (provided they can make the cut) as a means of fleshing out our competition. We've already got a few Zimbabwean's in the competition which I think is great, I look forward to seeing more.


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