Sunday, 31 August 2008

Is Symmo afraid of the Bangers?

What the hell is going on with Andrew Symonds and matches involving Bangladesh? So there's some bizarre controversy going on over the fact that Symmo went fishing instead of attending a compulsory team meeting the day before the first match against the Bangers in Darwin, and now he's been sent home for the rest of the series.

Sure, it's hardly going to affect the outcome of the series, especially considering the first game was a 180 run thrashing to the Aussies, but you've really got to wonder what Symmo's problem is. Is it just that he really doesn't see Bangladesh as any kind of challenge whatsoever that he'll turn up to games drunk or go fishing instead of attending team meetings? He's going to need to fix his attitude and fast.



westius said...

Apparently we won the game too - it almost escaped my notice...

Nick Scott said...

Looks like this is going to be a lame and horribly one sided contest. Sigh.