Thursday, 14 February 2008

Ban Sledging? Monkey Bastards!!

In their latest efforts to control cricket and completely turn it into crap, the BCCI are expected to request a ban on sledging. Seems these monkey bastards have gotten into a big huff in the aftermath of the Sydney Test fiasco and since their guys can't keep up with the rampaging Aussies they're going to try and silence everyone. I wonder how they're going to honestly expect to police this. Are we going to see school kid mentality where players dob others in, "Sir, he called me a dummy!" The simple fact is not all sledging is offensive, some of it is just clever and sometimes people find things offensive that just isn't intended to be, so who is going to objectively enforce it? At the end of the day it's all just gamesmanship, you can't stop it, and you shouldn't try.


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The Atheist said...

Apparently, as Sixandout pointed out, sledging is already banned. It's just that noone can be assed to enforce it.